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 All business people need to become designers!

  • Moksh Krishnan

    Calendar 03-07-2020

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 All business people need to become designers!

We failed, 

We didn’t have a strategy, We kept changing our mind and we failed, Repeatedly. 


Is it justified for it to be called an agile design process? or is it a failure of synergy in design and business viability? 


The gap between Design and Business: 

1. Designers are motivated by purpose, business owners are motivated by money. 

2. Designers care about the user, business managers care about goals and numbers.

3. Designers care about solving problems, business managers care about profit.


 Agile Is A Great Way To Manage Projects. And A Lousy Way To Make Money. That doesn’t mean the value of design is lesser it’s quite the opposite. 



"It doesn't occur to most people that everything is designed" - Bill Moggridge.


It’s time for us to start understanding Business design. 

Business Design = Design thinking + Business Thinking. 



If we are not aligned on what it is, how can we expect it to be accepted and start being used? 

“Business design is an activity that uses design methodologies, design mindset, and business tools to solve business challenges.“ 


Businesses are customer-centric. The starting point of any business transaction is customers. We start by talking to customers, learning about their challenges, goals, pains, and their life. This helps us design a solution that fits much better in the context of their life. Most companies behave as if their product is at the center of a customer's life. Well, my life doesn’t revolve around my toothbrush. I just want it to do one thing and I don’t want to spend more than a few seconds (maybe minutes) choosing one. 





  1. Start with Customers and Stakeholders 
  2. Think in Extremes 
  3. Prototype to Learn 
  4. Combine Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  5. Embrace Small Data Sets 
  6. Think Visually


Business design is a problem-solving approach, not a role. You can be an entrepreneur and act as a business designer. Elon Musk, Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of SpaceX. 

Need I say more? 


 All business people just do not need to understand designers better; they need to become designers!